What is EFT Tapping? Using EFT for yourself or with a trained practitioner

Based on Chinese medicine, meridian pointsare understood as areas of the body where your energy flows through. These pathways help balance energy flow to maintain your health. According to the developer of EFT, Gary Craig, a disruption in energy is the cause of all negative emotions Dr. Joe Dispenza and pain. Tapping on you these acupressure points sends a calming message to your amygdala (the “fight or flight” part of the brain) allowing you to tap into and release negative emotions and pain. The basic Tapping technique requires you to focus on a negative emotion at hand.

The 5 Steps of The EFT Tapping Basic Recipe

EFTs epigenetic effects could be further explored with use of salivary gene assays such as were used in Maharaj46 and similar studies. A larger battery of psychological assessments could be used, and a second follow-up data point included to determine trends over time.

Put simply, the emotional freedom technique means tapping to heal. This is the basis of the EFT tapping method, and it can benefit you in a number of different ways. EFT tapping therapy can help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and it can be effective in treating headaches, fatigue, sleep problems, muscle tension, joint problems, and more. Many people also use tapping as a way to deal with and heal from trauma. The EFT tapping method for dealing with these things can also be practiced anywhere, at any time, so no matter when or where you may experience negative thoughts and feelings, you can deal with them effectively. EFT tapping is a mind-body method of tapping acupuncture points on the hands, face, and body with your fingertips while focusing on an issue or feeling you’re hoping to resolve. This method may reduce stress and anxiety, improve performance, lessen cravings, and help resolve fears.

You may wish to read this excellent article summarizing the research on EFT and similar methods written by David Feinstein, PhD. EFT’s foundation comes from a common sense blend of Acupuncture and Mind-Body Medicine, both of which have decades of scientific studies supporting them. Their effectiveness has been so profound that prestigious institutions such as Stanford, Harvard and many other universities, clinics and hospitals have chosen to use and/or study them. Just do an internet search for terms such as “Mind Body Research” and “Acupuncture Research” and you will be exposed to the huge warehouse of scientific studies that validate the EFT Tapping underpinnings. Western medical science tends to focus on the chemical nature of the body and has not paid much attention to these subtle, but powerful, energy flows until recent years. However, they do exist and are attracting an expanding group of researchers. This energy courses through the body and is invisible to the eye.

A practitioner may administer the tapping, or they may guide the client through the tapping technique verbally. A trained EFT practitioner can help a client uncover the core issue that is troubling them and formulate the most effective phrase addressing the issue. All of the EFT Practitioners who are listed in the Practitioner Directory are certified by EFT International.

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A Consumer’s Guide to Clinical Trials

Healthline has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. Within a month, participants receiving EFT coaching sessions had significantly reduced their psychological stress. In addition, more than half of the EFT test group no longer fit the criteria for PTSD.

If you’re interested in trying EFT tapping for everyday stress relief, you can start tapping with an app or online tutorial. Clinical EFT tapping is sometimes covered by insurance, so check with your insurance provider before undergoing this therapy. And can tapping your acupoints really make a noticeable difference in your mental and emotional state? The Emotional Freedom Technique , which is sometimes known as Tapping, is a therapeutic strategy that uses physical movement as a means of balancing your energetic fields. You won’t see this one on our Art of Delivery videos or elsewhere in our materials.

Dr. Callahan began a series of investigations to develop and refine this technique, which he termed “Thought Field Therapy,” or TFT. It was fairly complex and required a trained practitioner to use specific algorithms and techniques to determine which meridian points to stimulate to obtain the desired results. The most remarkable study regarding Tapping and stress hormones was a landmark study by Dr. Dawson Church published in 2012 in the prestigious Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. The study found that EFT Tapping lowered cortisol significantly more than traditional talk therapy or resting. You can read more about that here and also check out the 2020 replicated study by Dr. Peta Stapleton. The amygdala’s response is effective when you’re faced with real-life danger but damaging when you want to feel calm and confident during a high-stakes meeting. And most of the time when this is happening in your body, you aren’t experiencing the fight-or-flight response for the same reason that our ancestors did long ago were.