Top 5 Commercial Uses of Reefer Containers

Source: UnSplash.Com

Reefer containers, short for refrigerated containers, are containers with extra refrigerated space. For years, they have been used as specialized means of transportation and storage for perishable goods. 

These specialized containers are equipped with temperature control technology that allows them to maintain a constant and controlled temperature inside the container that ensures the freshness and quality of sensitive cargo during transit. 

Several industries have been using these containers for multiple purposes. Let’s discuss the top 5 of these used on a commercial level. 

  1. Food and Beverage Industry 

The food and beverage industry is perhaps the most significant beneficiary of reefer containers. These containers enable the safe and efficient transportation of fresh produce, dairy products, meat, seafood, and other temperature-sensitive goods. 

These containers are built to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of the goods throughout the journey. This approach has enabled exporters to reach global markets without compromising the quality of their products. 

Also, these containers are known to help dessert companies transport their products back and forth. For giant bakery chains, reefer trucks prove helpful for transporting daily lots of baked as well as dairy products. This has made it possible to enjoy fresh foods right from the bakery. 

  1. Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare 

You have seen many medicines placed inside the freezers at a drugstore. But did you ever think about how these medicines were transported there? Definitely, with the help of refrigeration containers. This mode of transportation preserves their integrity and potency. 

In the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, these containers are used by manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, and hospitals.  This use has made them a crucial and indispensable part of the pharmaceutical supply chain because they not only safeguard the medications during transit but also comply with regulatory guidelines. 

  1. Horticulture 

Reefer containers have transformed the horticulture sectors by facilitating the export of horticultural products on a global scale. This industry heavily relies on maintaining a specific temperature and humidity range to preserve the freshness and appearance of its products. 

Refrigerated containers provide a controlled atmosphere, preventing flowers and plants from decaying during long journeys. As a result, businesses in this sector can now access international markets, expanding their reach and boosting revenue. 

  1. Chemical Industry 

The chemical industry involves the transportation of various temperature-sensitive chemicals, including adhesives, paints, resins, and certain types of oils. Exposure to extreme temperatures during transit can alter the chemical properties, leading to degradation and potential hazards. 

Reefer containers offer a reliable solution for the transportation of such chemicals, maintaining a stable temperature to prevent any unwanted reactions. Moreover, reefer containers come with robust safety features, ensuring that the chemical shipments are handled with care and meet the necessary regulatory requirements. 

  1. Biotechnology Industry 

Biotechnology is an industry that deals with sensitive biological materials. This includes laboratory samples and research specimens for healthcare purposes. These materials require precise temperature control to maintain their integrity. 

With the help of refrigerated containers, it has become easy for these industries to ensure secure and efficient transportation of biopharmaceuticals and biological specimens between research institutions and manufacturing facilities.