The Road to a Wedding by a Wedding Photographer

The process of planning an event is a nightmare because photographers for weddings can’t be delayed. If you have everything planned and you’re prepared, there’s nothing to worry about. The most important thing is to plan ahead. In the rare instances that the photographer arrives late the entire wedding comes to a halt: no one would like to begin the ceremony without the photographeror all of the long-term memories are ruined. Imagine that Tens of people sit in the church waiting for you to show up. What will you reveal when you arrive at a half hour over? How do you handle such a embarrassing circumstance?

Being constantly late is a serious handicap. I have heard of individuals who have difficulty keeping an employment due to their ability to keep track of time. Personally, I do not have employees who are late. Weddings are an important event and being late one time is not enough to cause me to employ an assistant in the future. What I advise them to do is to ensure that you are on time. If you’re having trouble keeping time issues, be there three hours earlier. There’s no excuse for a photographer at a wedding to arrive late. And let’s not forget the financial burdens you might suffer: you could be certain that you’ll be charged for additional expenses that the bride and groom have to pay for due to your. The wedding journey isn’t necessarily stress-inducing, and can actually be relaxing and peaceful. If you plan your wedding early and carefully can almost guarantee that you’ll arrive at the right time Event photographer London.

Your Car:

Whatever vehicle you are using (car or bicycle, van, motorcycle) Make sure that it’s maintained. If you own a car which is more than 5 years old I’d suggest that you check it out at least two weeks prior to the wedding. This is because , if there are any repairs that need that need to be done it is important to make certain that you will be able to get it back prior to the wedding.

If your vehicle isn’t reliable, you can rent one. Today, hiring a car can be quite affordable and is easily included in the expense bill. The car you travel with can tell how you conduct your business. More than you imagine.

Imagine calling plumbers from the yellow pages , and the plumber arrives at your house with a squeaky broken-down pickup truck, with an old camper shell that is filthy which you’re able to tell that he lives in the truck. The plumber of your neighbor shows up in a brand new van, silently, with an advertisement for a professional in the back, dressed in an elegant work uniform. I’m sure you’d wish you were calling the other plumber. You’ll automatically conclude that the plumber won’t do the job right or at the very least, not as efficiently as the other plumber. First impressions matter quite a bit.

The same applies to wedding photographers. The way you travel reveals the way you’ll work. Dress up in a stylish way and the couple will believe in you than if they had ever touched an image on your camera. They’re paying the highest price and they would like to be sure that they have spent. And of course, they would like to prove to their loved ones and family that they’ve picked a genuine professional.

Do you want to know the procedure I follow? In case something happens to my car and my journey I keep a bicycle that folds up in my trunk. When something as important like a wedding ceremony is in danger, you have to consider the impossible. What happens if you are involved in an accident, and your vehicle cannot be moved? You’re still required to be present at the occasion. Keep in mind that accidents do occur and aren’t at all your fault, however you are expected to give yourself enough time to deal with these events.

This isn’t a typical job that you can do from 9 to 6, you will be the one who will be responsible for the sole wedding memories the couple will cherish on their special day. it is your responsibility and primary responsibility to do everything that you can do to make it possible for them to attend and arrive punctual (which is early).

Join the local car club to ensure that you are ready for any eventuality and have less worry because there is somebody to assist you. If you’ve only had flat tires, could you fix the tire on your own, wearing a dress and white shirt? How is your appearance? (or filthy) will you be arriving to the wedding?

Be sure to obey speed limits. Apart from drastically lessening the likelihood of the unfortunate event, you’ll lower the likelihood of being stopped by police. Even if you’re given an uninvolved fine, you’ll be wasting valuable time and be in a state of discontent for the duration all day. You are likely to create artwork on commission, so your mind must be relaxed, calm and relaxed.

The Journey:

A wedding unlike going to work during peak hour during the week when things are more or less predictable. Weddings typically take place on weekends, and often (always the case if you’re in London) unexpected road constructions occur trains are restricted and diverting routes are put in place.

Since it’s a holiday and the majority of people don’t work, the authorities do not often give much importance to congestion, which can be extremely unpredictably and dense at times.

If you can, try to avoid travel during the time of your wedding. Even if the wedding is only 50 miles from home you should travel to the venue the day before and stay in an affordable hotel. You’ll wake up fresh and fresh, and have plenty of time to do all the things… Maybe even to go for a stroll in the morning before your wedding.

You should be aware of the news in the area. One way to do this is to keep an eye on the evening news prior to the wedding, and then look up the local news site when you wake up early in the morning. Do whatever you can to ensure that the trip goes smooth as it can be.

The Routes:

Always consider at least three possible routes. The first route should be the fastest while the third should be the most efficient, and the last is an emergency option. If your route is on roads, you should plan an alternate route that uses local roads. Always consider the impossible.

Today, we have navigational aids, which can be great in such situations, but don’t trust them 100. Always bring a city map and a bigger area map. The day before, plan your route on a physical map and compare it with the navigator.

Be aware that during weekends, some roads could be shut down and additional routes may be in the place. The travel route can be significantly delayed or altered, particularly on the morning of a Saturday.