Popular Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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Kitchen remodeling is a great way to breathe Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles new life into an older home and the best news is that you may be able to recoup quite a bit of the costs involved when the time comes to sell your house. Remodeling Magazine’s 2010-2011 Cost vs. Value survey estimates that homeowners can expect to receive about 69 percent of the costs associated with a major kitchen remodel in a mid-level home back in their pocket when their home is purchased. That percentage may vary a little depending on where the house is located, but few other home improvement projects offer that much return on your investment.

What’s Popular in Kitchens Today?
The current economy has many homeowners discovering their inner gourmet chef. Families are finding out that cooking and eating at home can not only help their budgets – it might be a lot more fun, too. Large open kitchens that invite family gatherings while meals are prepared are popular now, but the resident chef also wants a work space that’s efficient and user-friendly. A few indulgent upgrades to make cooking more enjoyable are welcome additions, too. When planning your kitchen remodel, consider these current trends:

Island Convenience – many kitchen remodeling projects feature a prominent island workspace that includes a cook-top and adjacent prep sink. Consider installing a goose neck faucet to make filling pots and pans a little easier. Design Note – don’t make your island too large. It should be a convenience rather than a hindrance to working efficiently.