His Commands Are Not Burdensome

So a good deal of what I write approximately is to mission the Christian to study what the Lord instructions and act the way the Bible tells us to. This now not most effective consists of turning from the sin in our lives, but also to take in our move and do the paintings the Lord has in shop for us. If you’re diligently studying the Bible and looking at what it teaches, it can effortlessly appear overwhelming or even simpler to experience like we have allow God down. However, it have to not be this way and once more, the answers are inside the scripture.

In 1 John 5:3-five it reads, “This is love for God: to obey His instructions. And His instructions are not burdensome, for all people born of God overcomes the arena… Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” Now allow’s damage down those verses to understand what they’re telling us.

First the Lord expects us to do our component in following what He tells us to do. This is wherein I agree with lots of our church leaders allow us to down by not being unique sufficient approximately what our role is in acquiring Commandments of Christ God’s grace and advantages. God is love and proved it by using sending His son to die at the cross for us, but we are not off the hook in phrases of our movements. Once we recognize what God expects from us, we must do it.

Secondly, it tells us these instructions aren’t burdensome. Notice the choice of words here? It does no longer say it is straightforward, simplest that it is not a burden or in other words, now not so difficult we cannot do it. In fact it’s miles us that makes following His commands difficult. As your faith increases, you begin to understand God is aware of what He is doing and that His way is the higher manner. It is much like our kids. As they develop, they recognise the matters, as parents we ask them to do is for their own correct and stop preventing what you have got taught them. I love the verse in Matthew where Christ teaches how our journey as a Christian is like on foot via the small gate and along the slim road. The clean way out is simply doing what feels excellent or what society says is acceptable. However, this isn’t always God’s way of doing things and He could be very precise in what He expects from the Christian.

Now this brings us to the factor about how smooth it’s far to experience we allow God down and possibly emotions of guilt approximately our movements. We are human and we can fail. I believe that is herbal and that God even expects our human frailties. But do not forget some matters while you fail. As it says above, as we trust that Jesus is the Son of God, we’ve triumph over the world. This method, not simplest has He forgiven our sins but additionally that we’re given the electricity to over come the dreams and sins of this world. The Christian also needs to remember the fact that we’re judged by using the content of our heart. Yes we’re weak and thank goodness our movements aren’t what gets us to heaven. It is our actions that reveal our dedication to the Lord and as we journey alongside the path of maturing faith, the advantages from Christ will pour into our lifestyles.