Electric heater power efficiency

In a cold winter, due to the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the heating efficiency of the air conditioner is lowered, the air conditioning is not equal to the need for heating, so installing electric heaters on the air conditioner, is to satisfy Users better warm demand, but some people will worry about the power consumption of electric heaters. Let’s introduce it to you. 1, the electric heater can be used independently, but also connect to the host. Connect the electric heater and the air conditioner, when heated in winter, the medium is heated to heat the indoor end device, output heat, and the air conditioning unit does not need to flow through the electric best space heater heater without the need to flow through the electric heater. Enter the indoor end device and output the cold amount. 2, electric heater can improve the efficiency of the air-conditioning host for heating operation, so the power consumption of the electric heater itself can obtain some compensation, with a total power consumption increase. 3, electric heater does not require any other equipment, it has obvious superiority in installation and operation compared to other devices such as small boilers, and the electric heater is mounted to the air conditioning unit. You can complete the control and protection of the function when you use it. From the above story. It can be seen that electric heater has brought us a lot of benefits in life, and there is not much power consumption. I hope that the above tells the help.

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