Choosing a Presentation Remote Control

Wouldn’t it be nice to open up your blinds without getting up out of bed? Yes, it is something that we all have the opportunity to do if we have remote control blinds. Now the power of modern technology can make mornings so much brighter. If you have blinds on your bedroom window, in the morning it is still dark or most of the sunlight blocked. You need to get up out of bed to open them. Now you can push the button and they will open before you get out of bed, allowing you to see the bright sunshine first thing.

Blinds are a great way to keep out the remote rolling code cold, keep out the light and also to control one’s privacy. They are considered energy efficient if you close them when it is cold outside. The cold may make it to the window but that is as far as it will get when you have the right window covering.

Operating The Remote

You may think that the remote control will be like the television remote and always get lost. If you have remote control blinds just keep the remote on your nightstand or the head of your bed so it will never get lost. They do not consume a lot of power so it will save you money. The standard remote is a one channel infrared remote with several added options available.

You may also have the option of 5 channel remote controls and more, depending on the company. These remotes resemble the transformer that you may find in a home security system. The remote will need a battery to operate but these batteries are replaceable and they are not hard to find. It usually takes AA or AAA batteries.

Types Of Remote Blinds

The most expensive of the remote control blinds is the cellular shades. These are the shades that have the honeycomb shape cells that are great to hold in the heat and keep out the air. The angled blinds are the next most expensive because they are for high windows where they can only be raised or lowered with a remote because they are so hard to get to.

Then there are the ones made with faux wood. These provide the added comfort by keeping your room extra warm and cozy during cold winter nights. The faux wood can also be used with the remote because they can be heavy and the remote can close or open them with ease.

Get The Best Deal

Remote control blinds are becoming more popular in a world where ease is almost essential. Because they are popular, the price of these blinds has also increased as well. If you plan on buying them you will need to do a search online and at your local shops in order to get the best deal for you. If you plan to order a lot of blinds at one time many of these stores and shops will give you a discount either on the products or on shipping – be sure to ask them for a lower price.