Cause and Effect – Picking the Winning Lottery Ticket

Many people are drawn by the prospect of winning the jackpot. Who wouldn’t want to have a chance to win the lottery today or at any other point in their life? The phone rang, and the frantic, nearly overwhelmingly enthusiastic voice was on other end of the line, almost breathless. The caller believed it was a joke or an unwelcome phone caller the phone was only a couple of seconds away from returning to the phone.

We waited anxiously for the person to talk and it was a friend who informed me that he had won the lottery. Excited and joy was the result. It lasted for fifteen to twenty minutes before we got settled. The chances of winning so small and pondering the possibility that his chance of winning might be a factor in selecting the numbers that led him to become the instant millionaire, it was the first thought that came to my mind. Also, how did he get this huge fortune? How did he achieve it?Live Draw Hongkong

The first thought that recalls is that he is simply “lucky.” For the majority of people, luck occurs through the power of intent and a deliberate effort by the receiver to attain an objective or result that is in one’s favor. Another way to describe this is to say that he happened to happen to be at the perfect spot at the right time and due to the divine aligning of forces beyond our comprehension that he landed the jackpot. Is it possible that he might be the one to win due to his own fate?

When one holds a belief in an higher power it means that God is a favorite to a particular group or individual in comparison to another. We’ve all know that God does not respect the rights of individuals. In the end, it is possible to be able to conclude that, through his own actions, beliefs and overall intent that he caused and the result in winning this “against the odds” lottery with just one winning ticket.

In the end, even after thorough consideration, one can not know with certainty what caused or how he may end up winning that winning lottery ticket. But, if one were to study the concept that causes and effects at a minimum, one can determine the way in which this event could have happened in his life, and in any of our lives, for this matter. The universal law is neutral. It is founded on or continuously act on the energies that are directed towards our highest ideals. We also receive an answer in response to our deepest desires.

There is an effect and cause of every event that occurs to us, no matter if it’s positive or negative, and the myriad of circumstances between the two extremes. Let’s explore how cause and effect may have played a crucial factor in choosing the perfect combination of numbers which led to the big victory.

Prior to his luck He was a victim of many difficulties as well as disappointing situations, and you could claim that he fell to the bottom of the barrel. He was fired from his job of 18 years, had a bitter divorce that saw his wife split up with her children, and accumulated many thousands of dollars of debt, and lost his property to foreclosure. He also then was involved in a fatal car crash in which he was just only a few minutes away from his death.

In all of it he maintained a positive attitude , which I was amazed by and believed that for while the time was right and alive, he would devote his time and energy to helping others. He stated that he wanted to become rich one day If were given another chance, he’d be accountable and responsible in everything that he set out to achieve. He told me that he’d never before played the lottery and that he had played as a way to pay off his debts and hope to get his life back in good order. What if this kind of mindset and humble attitude be an advantage to winning the lottery? Only God knows. There are three common occurrences in the present time that could have led to winning numbers: