Application Research of Digital Technology in Stamping Mold Design and Manufacturing

With my country’s economic and scientific development, domestic manufacturing has also ushered in a good opportunity for development. In this context, digital applications play an important role in making manufacturing into a new development period. At present, digital technology has been widely used in stamping mold design and manufacturing, but also enhances the manufacturing rate and utilization of punching molds in the manufacturing industry. Based on this, it is discussed the specific application of digital technology in stamping mold design and manufacturing.

At present, my country’s economic situation is rapidly developing. With the continuous improvement of technology and information technology, the mechanical manufacturing industry also ushered in good development opportunities. Among them, stamping mold development, design and manufacturing are widely used in digital technology, and develop in more intelligent directions. Digital technology is increasingly important in the mechanical manufacturing industry, and continuously promoting the development of machinery manufacturing.

1 Digital Technology is applied to the advantages of stamping die design and manufacturing

introduction of digital technology into a stamping die manufacturing process , Can change the traditional processing method. In the traditional processing method, the overall processing method is more single, and there is a large limit, resulting in less processing efficiency and processing quality, and cannot match modern manufacturing needs. After the digital technology is applied, the machining method becomes three-dimensional number-control processing in the mold structure, and the mold processing accuracy is improved on a certain level, so that the mold entity and the design process are uniform; and in the three-dimensional processing process, the specific accuracy of the mold can be used. The subdivision is subdivided to accurately grasp the workload of each processing link, reduce unnecessary error links. Therefore, there will be reduced a large amount of machining surface and test mode workload, and the mold accuracy can be further enhanced. For tool specific use, it is necessary to select accuracy based on the design accuracy of the mold in the company, which can meet the actual needs of the mold, and reduce unnecessary costs and improve processing efficiency.

1.2 Improve Design Accuracy

The overall design of traditional stamping molds is to depend on technicians to perform stamping sampling and punching calculations, generally according to their own experience, also leading to the staff Neglect, there will be errors, affect the quality of the overall stamping mold, so that the company will lose. After introducing digital technology, it is possible to solve this problem. With the continuous development of simulation technology, the stamping die design itself has become more and more simple, the design accuracy is constantly increasing, the design structure is also more rational and scientific, Reduce mold costs, and mold quality will also be improved. Using computer technology aided molds, it is more convenient to parameterize the main design object of the stamping process and the overall mold structure. In the process of stamping mold development, the stamping process and mold structure is changed. Reduce the error probability of errors in the design, enhance the stamping moldDesign machine accuracy and quality.

1. Decrease the possibility of assembly damage

The assembly stamping mold is mainly four, which are each assembler, interchange, group method, and adjustment method, each assembly method can be Flexible and reasonable use in mold processing. During the mold manufacturing process, after application of the appropriate assembly method, the actual machining accuracy of the mold can be effectively improved, and the damage ratio during the actual assembly process of the stamping mold is reduced, which has a big advantage for the company. In the promotion phase of the enterprise assembly technology, it is possible to effectively save the cost of manufacturing stamping molds in corporate manufacturing, improve corporate economic benefits, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in their industry.

2 Digital Technology in Stamping Mold Design and Manufacturing

2.1 Stamping Forming CAE Technology

Punching Molding CAE technology is a stamping die design and The most common digital technology in the manufacturing process is based on the formation of physical laws and the role between computer output molds and sheets, and observe the process of sheet material. At present, the system software for stamping molding CAE technology is Auto-Form / Pam Stamp, which can observe and output various data in the sheet forming process, which can fully collect the thickness of the panel, flow form, and wrinkles. Wait for data to form analog results. This feature is capable of analyzing pre-introducing stamping molds in the stamping die design phase, including molding and manufacturing processes. Stamping forming CAE technology can reduce stamping die design and manufacturing time, and can also function a functional assessment and budget for stamping molds.

Rapid design technology can effectively reduce stamping mold manufacturing cycles, first establish a stamping die design database, entry different stamping die structural parameters; establish a structure library, two established After completing, it is possible to improve the accuracy of the design staff and reduce the design work time.

High-speed machining technology can reduce stamping die design time, high-speed processing technology can reduce punching mold manufacturing time, high-speed processing technology requires hardware and software support, including Metal Stamping Tooling machine tools, tools and CNC Program. Through reasonable planning tool trajectories, the manufacturing process of stamping mold is more secure and quickly.

Digital assembly technology utilizes online measuring software, record analysis and compare the accuracy of the upper and lower mounting guides and guide posts; when the error occurs, use digitized assembly technology to adjust to ensure timely adjustment It meets the requirements of the specified standards.

3 Application Digital Technologies in Stamping Mold Design and Manufacturing

Digital technology can be appliedIn all aspects of stamping mold, it also promotes the construction of digital management system in use; digital management system can optimize the various knowledge and data of stamping mold design and manufacturing processes, management and sharing stamping molds, and also establish corporate exclusive stamping molds. Design and manufacturing exclusive core technology.

3.2 Stamping Mold Design and Manufacturing Project Management

In project management of stamping die design and manufacturing, use digital technology to establish a stamping die project management platform, and monitor multiple technical links in real time. In the platform, order management, technical production, and material tracking can be achieved, and the operation of stamping mold design, manufacturing, quality control can also be completed, and achieve operational integration, greatly enhance the efficiency of project management.

3.3 Stamping Mold Design and Manufacturing Data Management

When establishing a digital management system, we must pay attention to the product data management system, namely stamping mold design and manufacturing data management; in use fast design technology When the established database and structural library are part of data management, using digital technology to collect all data and information unified to save, significantly improve work efficiency.

3.4 Experience in Stamping Mold Design and Manufacturing

Digital technology is applied to stamping mold design and manufacturing experience, and can collect and store design schemes, manufacturing processes, and stamping die parameters for stamping molds. Wait for data information, forming an enterprise-specific data database, saving and inheriting the knowledge and experience of bus press molds.

4 Conclusion

With the development of technology and information technology, stamping mold design and manufacturing are widely used in digital technology. Through computer aided design, digital technology can improve the stamping process and mold structure deeper, reduce the chance of errors in the design process, improve design accuracy and product quality, which is conducive to stamping mold design and manufacturing work, and enhance corporate synthesis Competitiveness.

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